L2 / L3 Protocol Testing




About L2 / L3 Protocol Testing

This protocol testing course is recommended for audience with a background in networking, passed CCNA/CCNP, Network and System administrators looking for role change. The course focuses on Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols and features. The role of a L2/L3 protocol testing engineer is to test and validate the functionality of the protocols and features on networking devices like routers and switches. The protocol testing engineer is required to have a sound knowledge on the functionality of the feature and protocols which is to be tested.

Course Details

Name of course  :  L2 / L3 Protocol Testing
  Length  :  2 months
  Effort  :  3-4 hours per week
  Field  :  Networking
  Level  :  Intermediate
  Pricing  :  Rs.15000 + tax

What you will learn